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Hi, my name is Toria! 

I also answer to Tor, Tori, Bush (maiden name is Bushell) & MUUUUUMMMAAAA. 

Toria is actually not short for Victoria.

I get called Vicky a lot. 

I'm a Wedding and Motherhood Photographer living in Hertfordshire, right on the Essex border, but I am happy to travel anywhere.

The main comment I receive from my couples and families is that I made them feel very relaxed which I feel is the highest of compliments especially from those that were anxious about having their photo taken. 

My style is warm and relaxed. 

It's super important to like the person taking your photos. Whether that's for your Wedding or in your home with your brand new baby, It really matters that you feel comfortable.

So please feel free to ask me anything or call for a chat if you have any questions.

Here are some useless facts to get to know me a bit - 

I spent the last decade traveling the world as cabin crew. I loved flying but now I have a family I'm enjoying being home, not living out of a suitcase, having Christmas off every year and not being vomited on so much. (someone once projectile vomited in my face. Just one of the many glamorous stories I have.)

I have a 2yr old son called Rohan which is Pronounced Rowan. (Gaelic spelling) We call him RoRo. I don't think he knows who Rohan is.

I have a Capital R birthmark on my right leg 

My arms are so double jointed that I can use them as a skipping rope. This is as impressive as it is absolutely revolting to witness.

My favourite drink is an Aperol Spritz

I hate Tea! This upsets most English but it absolutely horrifies the Irish who just make me one anyway.

When I've had too much to drink I rap. Sober me knows I'm terrible but drunk me truly believes she's the real slim shady.



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